Pies with many Faces, Delicious & Unforgettable by The Pieous

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin is a self-taught culinary baker with almost 70k of followers on her delicious Instagram account ‘thepieous’. Full of traditional American sweet pies with a special twist. Pies taste amazing but they look even better, with the inspiration that comes from pop culture, usually real-life celebrities or characters from animations we all love. “I started baking pies for dietary reasons about 4 years ago.” The culinary artist shared in an interview with Bored Panda. “I had made a New Year’s Resolution not to eat any refined sugar or sugar substitutes for a year and became really desperate for some form of dessert that I could actually eat without cheating. So I bought a box of Crisco, followed the instructions on the packet, and made my first pie. And it was pretty good! I happened to cut out the shape of a dragon on top and my family thought that was neat, so I kept making artsy designs for my pie tops. As I searched online for inspiration, I discovered that the art of decorative pie baking fell out of fashion about 200 years ago, and I kind of took it as a challenge to resurrect the art form.”

By Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin aka Pies Are Awesome

Elton John

Freddie Mercury

Laurie Shannon

The Bedlam, aka “Other Mother” from Coraline

Thanksgiving pie

Amazingly spooky


Millennium Falcon missing another part

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