Photographer Creates Ghostly Imagery with Her Family

Photographer Shilah Sirois is the name behind these unbelivably imaginative whimsical portraits. She is based in South Florida with her husband and 2 kids. She works as a production stylist and photographer and her husband is a commercial photographer. They generally shoot for well-known brands for advertising and ecommerce purposes and this client-driven work limits their creativity. In order to pour their imagination and use their creativity at its fullest, they started an Instagram page and opened the doors of their magical world to their followers. She says “Working in commercial production however doesn’t quite allow me to bring all of that mad artistry to the table. So Instagram is a place where I can create my own visions and my own art that I get to very excitedly share with others. It’s like I get to present me for who I actually am and don’t have to hide or “tame” anything. It’s so rewarding for me to receive so much love for my work.” Shilah uses her camera like a magic stick and turns her dreams into images in many ways. As she stated in one of her interviews; “I’d say I’ve always seen creative and magical images in my mind, and I’ve always been determined to find a way to bring those visions to life. And I’m never satisfied until I get there! I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a mad artist truthfully!” As a photographer couple, they have fun time by shooting their kids and also create family portraits then playing with the photos imaginatively. In one of their photos, you can see them as ghosts, then in the other one they stand upside down, Shilah flies above the dining table and her kids become rabbits. It is impossible to get bored with such parents, don’t you think? Now, please enjoy Shilah’s imaginative photos and remember to share the fun with your friends.

“I’ve always had a heavy interest in art and creating, since I was a young girl.”

“I was always creating or drawing something.”

“Throughout my school years I was involved in art classes and participated in various art competitions.”

“I was initially going for a degree in illustration and eventually switched to photography.”

“I was obsessed with editorial and conceptual styles of photography and focused my entire portfolio on this theme”

“I create images based on all sorts of concepts, from circus themes, to inspirations coming from fashion, to a mad hatter.”

My inspiration comes from everywhere.

From random things I see while driving, to images I see in a magazine, to a recent project I’ve worked on, to a song I hear, to unexpected colors and objects I see next to each other,…

…to other artists’ work, to stories I read with my kids, to a garment I find while shopping.. I mean it truly comes from EVERYWHERE.

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