“Nailaholic” Artist Creates Incredibly Perfect Nail Art Designs

Nail artist Ceri calls herself as a nailaholic to define her love for designing nails. She has had loads of different nail polishes and some toothpicks on her desk to try different patterns since she was 11. She sometimes turns her nails into black canvas and draws flowers using glittery polish, or creates more intricate designs which has microdetails. “I have a little studio in my house dedicated to all things nail and my desk always looks like a mixing pallet by the time I’ll finish with it.” she states on her blog. Currently, she is also working on launching her own nail polish brand, besides creating unique nail art pieces. She explains; “From the love of nails came my dream to launch my own small indie brand of hand mixed nail polish. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a nail polish namer!? I’m currently playing mad scientist and mixing up some beautiful collections with the intention of launching the brand ‘Polished’ in 2019.” She has an Instagram account where she posts her nail art, swatch polishes and occasionally adds a picture or two of her adorable cats. If you want to have a look at such type of art and many more check out her account here. Besides, you can see some skincare or beauty posts as she enjoys pampering herself and sharing swatches, competitions, product reviews and more. We love following such accounts and posting the most interesting ones here. Check out Ceri’s incredibly perfect nail art and tell us about your opinions.