Extremely Playful Cake Decorations by Coty Beth

Columbus, OH, United States based Coty Beth is a self-taught cake designer specializing in modern buttercream cakes. She is one of those lucky people who turned her hobby into her career. She says; “I am continuously amazed with cake decorating. There is so much to learn, so much to try, and even when it doesn’t amount to the picture in my head, it almost always still looks pretty! And no matter what- you can still eat it.” She has some extremely unique designs that we haven’t seen anywhere else. She uses candy dough to create edible woven tapestries, designs various shapes and patterns with edible beads and sprinkles. She does her best and lets her creative juices flow when it comes to wedding cakes. “I love weddings- literally everything about them, and really enjoy being able to provide a beautiful cake and treats to lovely couples. I really love to sometimes break out of the crazy ideas floating around in my head, to make something simple and delicious.” she states on her Instagram. We love the way she plays with all those cake decorating supplies to make one of a kind designs and turn a simple cake into an artpiece. Here you can see some of her extremely playful cakes.