22 Stunning Peacock Tattoo Designs and Where to Ink Them

Peacocks might be one of the most colorful and most beautiful birds who live in this world. The male peacock’s tail feathers are remarkably full of colors that attract the female peacock fast.The vibrant markings that seem like an eye make us even more in love with this animal. However, peacocks stand more than just a beautiful creature to certain people. Some also make peacocks their animal symbol because of its specific characteristics to humans. Peacocks are a symbol of honor and charm. It represents the human’s capability to become even more beautiful if we show their true colors. As mythic creatures, peacocks symbolize nobility and guidance. Because of their distinct confident stand when showing their tail feathers, they represent an honorable character. Their representation as guidance is because of their many eye-like tail feather design.

In other mythical representations, people see the peacock as a self-centered creature because they show off their coverts so well that they become cocky. However, it is sometimes okay to show off our skills and talents because we are proud of them. Peacocks are also known to be territorial. This representation is something we must look at as a positive trait, especially for our loved ones. Of course, we want our loved ones to be safe and as much as possible only within our reach.

Where to Ink a Peacock Tattoo?

People’s love for peacocks often makes these stunning creatures a great tattoo. A peacock tattoo is one of the most sought after tattoos in today’s trend. Many people ink their peacock tattoos on their arms, and some on their stomach. For those who put peacock tattoos on their upper back, they usually use a less elaborate design. Others put the symbol on their legs, giving a more detailed feature of the peacock’s coverts.

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