Extremely Creative and Chic Cake Designs by Olivia Bogacki

Olivia Bogacki is a professionally trained pastry chef, recipe developer and photographer based in Fort Langely, British Columbia. She experiments a lot with classic recipes and recreates them by adding a modern twist. “There are many failures along the way. I always try to detail what went wrong and why so that you guys can learn along with me.” she states in her blog and she includes tips for each of her recipes to let her readers know what worked and what didn’t. She also states; “Let’s be honest, 99% of the time something goes wrong. Whether it’s an error in the recipe, or me doing something stupid, there’s never a dull moment around here. I hope you appreciate the candor and can relate to the fact that sometimes (often) things don’t go according to plan. And just know that there is a almost always a “back” (aka not-so-pretty) side to all my cakes.” She started Live for Cake in 2010 when she was taking Wilton cake decorating classes at Michaels. In 2014, she left the corporate world to pursue her baking passion and completed the pastry program at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver. I graduated at the top of my class with an Honours diploma in their Professional Pastry & Bread Making program. And now she does what she loves and challenges herself to be the best in pastry world. Below we showcase some of her most creative and artful cake designs each of which will surely please your eyes.