With His 26 Years of Age Corduroy is the Oldest Living Cat in the World

Very often we hear about little adorable kittens getting adopted by some generous people or shelters. But, what about some older, more experienced cats? Well, this is a story about the oldest cat in the world, Corduroy, who was adopted from a shelter in Oregon, USA, back in 1989. With his staggering 26 years of age, this cat made its way into the Guinness book of records as the oldest living cat in the world. Just to be clear, 26 human years is 121 in cat years, so this is one experienced little fella. His owner Reed Okura was only 7 years old when she adopted him, and she can’t really remember the time before this cat got into her life. Corduroy is on a special low-protein diet, but besides that, he is extremely healthy and in a good shape and we all hope that he will stay healthy for many years to come.

Look at this experienced and wise face.


He still enjoys sunbathing.


This old guy likes to cuddle like a kitten.


He has beautiful green eyes.


He is a classy grandpa.


Corduroy still acts like a young cat.


He enjoys the outdoor life.

via (boredapanda)
via (boredapanda)

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