Hand-Painted Deco Roll Cake Designs by Matsu Sawai

Cake artist Matsu Sawai lives between Japan and Germany. She has always been interested in baking treats and drawing. She combined her hobbies in designing cakes. She bakes a roll cake then draws flowers, cartoon characters, animals, various sceneries, etc. on the cake. She also pours her inspiration on cakes for special occasions and festivals like Thanksgiving, New Year, Easter and Halloween. She rarely takes orders as she does this merely as a hobby, just because she enjoys baking, painting and eating. “My inspiration is season nature, e.g. fruits, food. I am also interested in special food of many cities, countries.” she told us in our online interview. She has a Youtube channel where you can find many tutorials from her kitchen. “I have my own style for making a deco roll cake. Some people, who make “decoroll” use “parta decoll” method. But my method is different, which I discovered by myself. You can watch my youtube video how to make cakes.” she says, adding that; “My method needs some practice, practice, practice ; “Uebung macht den Meister in German.” Matsu’s cakes are just colorful and extremely creative, don’t you think? Below you can see our favourite hand-painted deco roll cake designs of her. Enjoy!