25 Inspirational Nursery Room Design and Decoration Ideas

Your baby is almost 20-24 weeks old now and it is time to prepare his or her room, if you still haven’t started yet. Designing and decorating any place covers a step-by-step plan and no matter the type or purpose of the place choosing a specific style or theme should be the first step. For nursery room, depending on the gender of your baby, you can either go for a girlish/boyish theme or a gender-neutral style. After deciding on that, you can now continue with selecting the perfect palette for this lovely place. Choosing the textiles before the paint would be the smart order. Pinks or blues or other natural colours in pastel tones will define the mood of your baby room. The next step is identifying the focal point of this room and placing the furniture according to it. The crib, nursery station, wardrobe, bedstands, etc. should be placed wisely to make your caring activities easier. Choosing the right lightening for the nursery is at great importance. It is highly adviced to place three types of lights, namely; an overhead fixture, a table lamp, and a small reading light to use for different purposes. Finally, you can add some decorative objects and your baby’s first toys to express your personal style for this room. We compiled Instagram’s best photos of nursery room design ideas for you. Just have a look at them and pin your favourite ones on your “Dream Nursery Room” board on Pinterest.

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