23 Easy and Crafty DIY Bird House Examples

Are you looking for some craft projects to make with your kiddos? We love such do-it-yourself crafts and all types of other family activities which mean spending quality time with your little ones. For us, that kind of handcrafts not only entertain kids, but also help parents clear off their minds from the hustle and bustle of their daily life. If you are right there with us, let us present you today’s post; easy and crafty bird house project ideas. No matter you have a garden or a small balcony, hanging up a bird house at your place is a perfect idea as it allows your kids to observe different type of birds and how they eat, drink, clean themselves etc. It is also important to help your child nurture a love of animals. So building and placing a bird house to your home is a win-win project by all means. But how to make it? There are both easy and expert projects which you can choose depending on your crafting talents. Turning a milk bottle into a nest for the birds is one easy idea, whereas building a house out of plywood is an expert one. You can even make a beautiful bird house using popsicle sticks. Start with checking out our inspiring photo-ideas then look around your house to find some materials that you can use for the project that you choose. Here are our suggestions. Have fun!

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