Nathan Lapham Wedding Photography

Byron Bay, Australia based Nathan Lapham is very talented at photographing couples and he has an exquisite eye for creating exceptional compositions. He defines his photography style as follows “I’m here to create irreparable moments for those who are wildly in love and adventurous. My approach is all about letting the real artists (that’s you) reflecting their love and story in an authentic way. Because every couple has a unique story to tell. I have found so much joy in being able to hold together moments that will be gone in seconds. I desire connections and emotions, and I want my photographs to contain lasting memories that will help you remember every feeling of your special day.” He loves meeting new people, hearing their stories and capturing all moments in between. “I love working with people that I can laugh and joke with. A lot of the people I have worked with have become great friends to this day. When I get asked to shoot a wedding whether it be here in Australia or the other side of the world in Hawaii, I like to Call or Skype with my clients and not before long we become friends. This allows all of us to create those moments that aren’t staged rather natural and genuine, which I believe will create memories that you and your partner will look back on for the rest of your life!”. We selected some of the best examples of his wedding photography for you. Get inspired!

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