Mystic Forests of Brazil by Uniquely Driven Antonio Schubert

This is one of those beautiful stories that have origins coming back full circle. Photographer Antonio Schubert, born and still based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was a very curious youngster. Breathtaking landscapes, sea, and mountains were the sources of his inspiration and admiration since he was a child. Traveling to the countryside in the back of the car with his parent are still vivid memories to Antonio. “In my imagination, the mountain that I saw in Rio, on the way to school, was the same I saw 100 kilometers from the city. Everything for me was a dream of mountains and forests,” passionate photographer shares. Places that are extremely hard to reach are the most intriguing to Schubert. It’s exactly what makes his photography so bewitching and special. Discovery of mysterious wonders of beautiful Nature, Antonio paints in a powerful and marvelous light. One last interesting anecdote from the artist says: “The first time I went to Parque Nacional de Itatiaia in 1981, I saw one cabin in the middle of a green ocean, practically unreachable at 1300 meters of altitude. I wondered who would live there and what kind of life this person would have. I promised myself that one day I would find a way to get there. A promise kept 34 years later.”

Antonio Schubert lives and works in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

These enchanting photos of forests are the way he sees the world since his childhood

As a kid he was hypnotized by the mountains, sea, and the stunning landscapes he saw while traveling to his grandparents

He wished to pursue his photography career much sooner, but due to different opinions around him it was much delayed

Finally, in 2008, Schubert started his dream work

Places with hard accessibility are the ones that are the most intriguing to him

This is why his photography carries such magic and mystery in each shot

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