Munchkin Cat Called Albert is a True Instagram Superstar

We wrote about many famous cats over the years, but this Munchkin cat called Albert might just be the most popular one yet. His life changed completely after he became a huge Instagram star. Now he tries to live a humble, quiet life but his 450k fans are watching his every step. Besides having a huge fan base, Albert is just a regular cat who enjoys outdoor and indoor activities, as well as wearing the latest cat fashion items. He needs to be handsome for his loyal fans all around the world. If you like Albert, make sure to follow him on Instagram here.

Look at those perfect blue eyes.

Albert follows all the latest trends.

He can be a handsome devil.

He can also be cuddly and cute.

Sometimes he prefers playing indoors.

But he doesn’t mind going out!


He loves riding his pink Vespa!

He loves napping as well.

This little fella is a true star!

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