Strong Mother Turns Her Son’s Autism Into Art

This story is a heartbreaking, yet beautiful tale of motherly love towards her son who has autism. As the mother, Kate Miller-Wilson said this is the road which crosses paths of grief, anger, acceptance and art. The way she explains some of her son’s portraits are utterly heartbreaking and severely honest it will make you cry.  “I love my son unconditionally, as the beautiful, hilarious, challenging, and charming person he is. I worry endlessly about his future, though, and there are days when it’s hard for us to like each other (though the love never goes away). To me, the greatest gift of his autism isn’t his math wizardry or perfect pitch; it’s the unique and poetic way he looks at the world. In my photography, I wanted to create a tribute to that perspective and the reality of our day-to-day life.”

He Hears the Grasses Whisper – overwhelming differences in sensory processing

Winter Dream – the sheet of ice symbolizes interactive experience between them

Something Between Us

In There

Sidelong Pickerel Smile

Sleepy Morning

Tree Curl

School Day Sunrise

Winter is Here


The Other You, the One Who Sees Me – glass barrier allows him to look right at his mom

Head Under His Wing – pretending to be an owl


Loving the Shadow You – grief, anger, acceptance

Focus – the gift, an ability to focus completely on something

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