Most Common Angel Numbers And Their Meaning

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads in life, and couldn’t figure out what to do? Did you notice a recurring sequence of odd events taking place during this time in your life? Think about it, was there anything out of the ordinary during this time in your life? Perhaps an intuitive flash of thought, an instinctual feeling that you’re not alone in this journey of life.

If you’ve ever experienced this feeling or something similar, perhaps your guardian angel has been trying to contact you. It’s true, angels communicate in a variety of ways with humans, most of the time we’re too distracted to notice. Which is unfortunate, as guardian angels often attempt to guide humans along with their spiritual journey on Earth, if no one’s listening, how can they guide us?

Yes, angels have been known to directly intervene in human matters, but most of the time their communication is much more subtle. Sometimes they communicate through dreams or flashes of inspiration. But more often than not, angels communicate through numbers.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are numbers and number sequences that stick out in a moment or appear to you at an important moment. For example, it’s the reason you check your watch at exactly 2:22, or perhaps you’ve noticed all the license plates on the highway began in 222.

This tradition of thought is inspired by ancient civilizations the world over, including the Egyptians, but is most closely associated with numerology. The centuries-old tradition of numerology is the belief and study of numbers and their divine effect in our everyday lives. At the base of this theory, the universe is believed to be mathematically precise and that every number is a significant factor in our everyday lives.

Numerology takes into account the meaning and significance of numbers and in order to describe their relationships to life events, certain characteristics, and other traits that relate to life.

The most important thing to remember about numerology is that each number from 1-9 are assigned a meaning, while there are master numbers that hold a distinctive meaning other than the single numbers.

How Do Angel Numbers Work?

Angels use numbers in a variety of ways to try to communicate a variety of messages. Perhaps your angel only wants to reassure you of their presence. Other times they may sense your doubt or some other negative emotion, and seek to encourage positive feelings. Whatever the reason, your guardian angel is checking in on you, so why not see what she has to say?

Usually, angels will continue to bring attention to a distinct set of numbers. They’ll keep doing this until you become aware of the repeated occurrence of this number. For example, you might find yourself suddenly awake at 3:33 a.m., and then maybe you find that your usual commute is longer than expected, maybe 33 minutes instead of 15. The sequence continues throughout your day, perhaps you received an invoice at work with a balance of $33.33. And on it goes, until you finally realize, hey, something is going on here.

Angel numbers will usually appear in groupings of three, but can also appear to be split numbers, for example, 5505, with the 0 splitting the 555 sequences.

What Are Some Common Angel Number Occurrences?

Although every number in numerology is significant and carry distinct meanings, there are some sequences that occur more frequently than others. Particularly since angel numbers appear to us in 3-digit groupings, it’s safe to say that they are some common angel numbers that we’ve all seen.

Angel numbers can pop up on a dollar bill, in a phone number, on a license plate, in a billboard, pretty much any sequence of numbers that you may interact within a single day. Here is a list of some of the most common sequences and their meaning.

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This number sequence is an energy sequence. It’s said to be extremely powerful and means that the angels are blessing your goals. Now is not the time to hold back in life, in fact, if you’ve encountered this number, it probably means your angel thinks now is the time to embark on health risks. If you’ve been thinking about a new investment, career change, or just a new hairdo, the angels are smiling upon whichever decision you make.


This is an interesting number sequence, as it’s more metaphorical than literal. 222 is a number sequence that refers to “farming.” It’s important to foster strong, healthy relationships in our lives, both with those who surround us, and spiritual. If you’re constantly seeing 222 it means that something in your life needs to be tended to. Or perhaps it’s a sign that you’re on the right path and should keep seeding your crops, (finances, career, relationships) to ensure a fruitful bounty.


These numbers are a thankful one, as 333 represents prayers answered. It’s also a number that means to be remindful of the many blessing bestowed upon you. If you’re seeing this numbers, the angels are letting you know they are your warriors, they know what you want, and want to help you get it. In fact, they are working hard, answering your prayers.


This number is all about spiritual rebirth. You’ll often encounter this number when you’re seeking a strong connection with your spirituality or trying new spiritual practices. Perhaps you’re still seeking your spirituality out, whatever the case may be, this number is a good sign that you are on the right path to harmony, and spiritual fulfillment. For more information about this number, Readings With Matt talks more about the meaning of 777 here. It is by far, the most enlightening thing you’ll read today.


The number 9 is a powerful number in its own right, but it’s even more powerful when part of this number sequence. You can see 999 or perhaps you will see it split 9909, but it means the same thing, the end of a cycle. The number 9 represents the completion of the cycle, the time to move forward and begin something new. You might encounter this number sequence if you are graduating from school, or nearing the completion of a task. Most importantly’, this number occurs when you are nearing completion as a reminder of how far you’ve come while encouraging you to finish. Either way, its the end of one phase in life and the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Angels communicate in a variety of ways, it’s our human eyes that have to be able to see the signs. It’d be nice if we could all connect our spirituality the same way, but for those who can connect with their angels, learning the right tools of communication is key to foster a healthy spiritual connection.

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