Mehran Djojan Captures Surreal and Powerful Portraits

Mehran Djojan is a very talented photographer from Berlin. He was born in Kabul, but he moved to the German capital to study communication design. Mehran was fortunate enough to find his dream in the early ages of growing up. When he was 13-years old, he got his first camera and simply fell in love with this art. He would bring that camera with him everywhere he went. One day he accidentally broke his camera and, as he says, realized how lonely he was without it. That was the moment he knew. He was going to be a photographer when he grows up. Naturally his skills developed as he grew older, and now, Mehran is creating some stunning portraits of people, surrounded by natural environment. Combining two of his favorite elements, people, and breathtaking landscapes, he creates mesmerizing and surreal photography. “I try to evoke a sort of harmony between the individual and the environment”, says the young artist. His images are very powerful, showing a wide span of emotions while the subjects on his portraits are becoming one with nature. Mehran travels a lot, and because of that he has the opportunity to capture amazing, natural landmarks, and he thinks that is helping him to grow as an artist. “I’m looking forward to continuing this trip and to grow with every station I pass. And a big dream would come true if, one day, I have my own exhibition,” says Mehran. For this young and gifted photographer, this is only the beginning of an illustrious and bright career. If you like his work, you can visit him on his Facebook or Instagram page, and enjoy more of his fantastic work.

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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