Meet Lilly and Evy, the Adorable Golden Persian Cats with Ocean Blue Eyes

What’s better than adopting two beautiful Shaded Golden Persian ginger cats? Well, adopting two stunning Golden Persian cats with absolutely mesmerizing ocean blue eyes. Lilly was first one to be adopted by a lovely couple and after 2 months these kind humans decided to adopt Evy, so Lilly would have some company. Evy is also a Golden Persian cat with blue or green eyes (depends on the lighting). However, Lilly’s little sister always had some health problems. She doesn’t want to eat every once in a while and she gets sick rather frequently. Despite all of that, these two precious cats are full of joy and they follow their human mom everywhere she goes. If you like these fluffy little rascals, make sure to follow them on Instagram here.

Look at those eyes!

A stunning cat.

Two adopted sisters.

That’s a nice bow tie.

Those eyes are hypnotic.

This girl has a menacing look.


Completely surreal eyes!

via (boredpanda)

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