Project “Maxdonna” by Vincent Flouret

Vincent Flouret, a French fashion photographer from Paris, has been working on a project that is very close to his heart; it features his beloved dog Max. Vincent and Max have recreated iconic music video scenes and album covers by Madonna, in a project he has called “Maxdonna”. Max slays it as The Queen Of Pop, his flowing locks artfully styled as he wears that iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier corset, looks ready to shoot for the “Hung up” music video and even recreates the “True Blue” album cover. “These pictures, between the shoots, the homemade costumes, the training took me 8 months to do,” Vincent said. “I am a big fan of Madonna, these pictures I’m doing with Max are tributes to artists that I love and respect. It’s a break between my commercial work, that is bringing me to the simple pleasure of pure creation, love, and happiness.” Scroll down and take a look at these fabulous shots and follow Vincent and Max on Instagram.

“Like a Virgin” Album Cover

“Desperately Seeking Susan” Movie Poster

“Erotica” Movie Video

“Madame X” Album Cover

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Cover

“Ray of Light” Album Cover

“True Blue” Album Cover

“Music” Single Cover

“Cherish” Music Video

“Material Girl” Music Video

“Vogue” Music Video

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