Ingenious Black And White Tattoo Designs by Mátías Noble

Valencia, Spain based talented tattoo artist Mátías Noble began his carreer at the age of 25, in 2012, motivated by a friend who insisted very much that he learn to tattoo it, he learned, he tattooed it and it all began. He is specialised in black and white tattoos and he is best-known for his way of applying contrast to the designs. He is inspired by other types of art except tattoos: painting, photography, illustration, new technologies, nature, all feed his creativity. You can see a broken clock representing that time is passing very fast almost all in his compositions. He thinks time is something that we can’t control, leaves us and never returns. Matías is very clear that time is the most precious treasure of humanity, although few people realize it, and for this reason he seizes the moment and works non-stop to make the most out of it productively. He enjoys challenging himself and always searches for new techniques and ideas to improve the quality of his work. He works all the time to perfect the application of shadows and enrich the creativity and originality of his designs. His compositions inspires many other tattoo artists and standout with their unique looks including contrasts. For Mátías, his studio, Noble Art, is not just a tattoo studio. It is a community, a group of people sharing the same ambition to grow and improve. What he likes the most is breathing that positive and inspirational environment and lets his creativity flow for fresh new designs. Below, you can see our selection of some of his most creative tattoo designs in black and white.