Dream-Like Wedding Photography Examples by Lost In Love Team

Melbourne, Australia based photographers Lyndel, Daniel and Olivia are the names behind Lost In Love team. They are visual artists and take their inspiration from your “lost in love” moments and now you know where their name comes from. “Who knew that this beautiful industry could provide a platform for such an incredibly fulfilling career. Every day is filled with an infinite amount of learning from each other and our couples, both in business and in our personal lives. We never intended on having a business nurturing other talented photographers, but now that it’s happening, I feel like we’ve found our purpose. We are so passionate about supporting the people around us and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Lost In Love!” they state in their bio, adding that; “Devoted to nurturing and respecting your most meaningful day with skillful guidance, our team believe your entire experience is equally important as your final wedding photographs, beautiful memories framed to swoon over for generations to come.” Their photographs are in one word adorable and they seem to be having a fabulous time at weddings. Their photos are authentic, natural yet incredibly beautiful. They say; “We think our images speak for themselves and being visual people, we’ve called on our couples, our muses, to help articulate what it’s like to have our team photograph your day.” Just a little reminder to live in every moment and cherish them. We know it’s been a tough time for many couples postponing weddings but we’re here to remind you that there’s beauty to be found in every situation. Celebrate your love today and every day and remember that when your big day comes around, it’ll be worth the wait. Your wedding is about the two of you and celebrating the wondrous fact that out of the 7 billion people on this earth, you found each other. When that dream day comes, you’ll need some inspiration for the first photos of your family album and if you’re close, Lost In Love team will there to help you, if not you can get inspired by their amazing photos now. Just scroll down and remember to save your favourite ones.