Extremely Joyful Macaron Designs by Mathilde Eteve

Mathilde Eteve lives in Côte Chalonnaise, France and has been running Maison Sweet since she discovered her interest for baking. She is actually a graphic designer, but she switched to the world of pastry and loves being there. “Pastry is a daily challenge that allows me to combine a balance of flavors, correct textures and visual aesthetics (super important for me since we taste the eyes before awakening the taste buds! No doubt, my graphic side stands out.” she states on her blog. With her team, she imagines, creates and realizes your needs and taste and prepares the best cakes, macaroons and many other pastries to share with family or friends. You can order all your treats for all your receptions such as: weddings, birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, bachelorette parties, cocktails or any other event day. She creates lovely animal themed macaroons that will take you to “awww””. Here you can see some of them. Take a look then remember to share them with your friends!