Simply Beautiful Wedding Dresses by Lora Folk

In the era of fast fashion, Lorafolk sails against the contemporary trends and wish to bring traditional style up to date. The founders of the brand; Laura and Quentin, get inspiration from the world around them – plant world, architecture, antiques, travel souvenirs, they also have a very particular interest to the Art Deco period. Unlike popular trends, Lorafolk collections are handcrafted in exceptional materials, thought and designed to last over time to give the wearer the feeling of intimate luxury and discreet elegance that only artistic experience can provide. Each season, their sketches come to life through a constantly renewed selection of precious fabrics, found in haute couture houses or developed exclusively for the house, they become dresses with a refined look and ultra-feminine at the same time. Each model undergoes a long design process, going through the meticulous exercise of “the canvas” like so many fabric sketches on the model of the Haute Couture workshops. As true clothing architects, Laura and Quentin are constantly looking for the perfect balance between fluidity and structure, drawing a light silhouette, whether for their exceptional dresses or their wedding dresses. Like wedding dresses , each piece from the Lorafolk Fashion collection is made to order or custom-made in the Parisian workshop of the Maison. Scroll down to see their simply beautiful wedding dresses.