Man Paints Shelter Animals as Superstars and Superheroes to Help Them Find Home

Due to the COVID-19 crisis “fewer people were adopting pets and adoption events all around the world were canceled due to social distancing efforts.” Shelters are now completely full and pups seem to be waiting forever. But don’t worry, Andy is the hero we are talking about today! “After finding out the lack of coverage about the topic in news media, I took it to heart to try my best to help those little furry lonesome friends,” Andy said. “Hearing about this tragic effect from Covid-19 really shook me to my core. I instantly started imagining all those poor helpful creatures sitting there, all alone in shelters just waiting for someone to come by and pick them up! The idea was to contact a local shelter and have them send him a picture of a homeless pet. I would then take that animal and dress it up as a superhero to promote its superhero-like health benefits (pets help people with depression, can lower blood pressure and stress levels, and they are great for childhood development). It turns out, I was right. After weeks of social media filled with negative quarantine news, seeing a homeless cat named ‘Meowzer’ dressed up as ‘Meownder Woman’ was exactly what people needed. The image was instantly well received by the crowd. I spend the whole next day contacting shelters and telling them about my project, and everyone really loved the idea of the ‘superstars.’ At the end of the day, I just love animals and I don’t want people to feel alone. I know I’m not going to rescue all the homeless animals of the world by doing this… but if even ONE animal finds a loving home due to my art, it’s been worth every minute of it. Find out more and even take the chance to dress up your own pet as a ‘celebrity’ on my website, where every purchase leads to donations back to homeless shelters for pets.” All hail the most amazing person ever Mr. Andy! Congrats kind sir, from the Curious Doodle team, for all the good work and success you are having!

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“If even ONE animal finds a loving home due to my art, it’s been worth every minute of it.”

Animal shelters are in big crisis at the moment due to COVID-19 and social distancing.

The Dogfather

Meownder Woman


Meowther Theresa

Dog Marley

Queen Elisapet II

David Meowie

Elvis Pupsley

Barty, an 8-year-old rescue dog from the streets. Besides being known as the ”dog without fear”, Barty is actually blind (although NOT from some weird radioactive substances).

Jimi Houndrix

Every purchase leads to donations back to homeless shelters for pets.

Michael Dogson

The Pawp


MEOW’ley Quinn

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