22 Cryptic Cicada Tattoo Designs and Where to Ink Them

A native insect to North America, the cicada moth, has a history shrouded in symbolism and secrecy. If you go outside on a hot summer night, you’re likely to hear the humming of cicada wings in the balmy night air. People decide to ink the cicada as a concept of time. The cicada lives most of its life underground and then emerges for a short time to produce offspring. The insect has an uncanny ability to choose the perfect time to appear and start the life cycle all over again.

A cicada tattoo might serve as a reminder of the timing of specific events occurring in your life. Are you starting a new job? Are you coming out of a bad relationship? These types of life events are a good expression of the cicada lifecycle, making the insect a representation of these occurrences and milestones in your time on this earth. Cicadas also love being in the sun. It seems that the hotter the days, the louder the cicadas get at night. Tattooing the insect on your body can signify your relationship with the sun as well. The image of the sun represents happiness, nourishment, illumination, and outward expression.

The cicada also has a cryptic side to it. In 2012, a community emerged called “Cicada 3301.” This group was looking for highly intelligent individuals to solve a puzzle.The competition to solve the puzzle lasted a few months, and the organization never announced the winner. They simply posted a cryptic note saying they found the individuals they wanted. AThe competition surfaced the following year in 2014 and has not been heard of since. Tattooing the cicada can have a meaning of secret of hidden knowledge.

The cicada is a popular small to medium-size piece. Many people like to tattoo the cicada on the shoulder blade, inside the wrist, or on the ankle.

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