Maarten & Sharvin’s Eclectic and Colorful House In Rotterdam

Maarten & Sharvin are a lovely couple who share their ever-changing house interior design on Instagram. It is a beautiful 1930s apartment in Rotterdam neighborhood of Blijdorp. Both having a background in art and styling; Sharvin was trained as an autonomous artist and Maarten works as a stylist at Dutch design brand Pols Potten, their love nest has become a warm and attractive house and every detail reflects their unique style. In one of their interviews, they were asked whether their opinions collide with each other while designing their new place, Maarten replied: “Almost never. Although we are both very idiosyncratic, we are almost always on the same page. We both love many different styles and things, but also plants, for example. Fortunately we can find each other well in that! ”. Color, color and more color… Not everyone can dare to use so many colors and combine them harmoniously. Sharvin; “We find color in the interior very important, and not just in accessories. We want to create a different atmosphere in every room of the house and color is the easiest way to achieve something big. For us, color means warmth, cosiness and is what sets our home apart from other interiors. The colors we choose are also not the safest choices, but that is why it does have a bit more personality. ” They love combining old and new as much as they like plaing with colors. “Maarten likes to buy things through the marketplace or in thrift shops, often because these things already have a story,” explains Sharvin. “The combination with new items gives the house more atmosphere. If we would always buy everything new, it would seem as if we live in a showroom, but it is not very sustainable.” We fell in love with each photo they shared on Instagram and can’t wait to see more as they still continue designing some parts. Curious about the place? Just scroll down and see it by yourself!