Mom Inspires Her Daughter with Lunchbox Napkin Drawings of Histories Greatest Women

Meaghan Elderkin leaves caring napkin drawings every day for her 9-year-old daughter Holden inside of her lunchbox to inspire her and celebrate those great women who made an eternal influence on our world. Holden was receiving lunchbox notes since her preschool, but on a November 8, she received a special napkin due to anticipated Clinton victory, which did not happen. Both were completely dispirited. And that was a moment when Meaghan decided to lift her daughter’s spirit with a help of world’s most important women in our history. “I decided to draw her some pictures of strong, brave women with some of their more notable quotes,” says Meaghan. Many years ago Meaghan’s mother was also drawing for her on napkins and Meaghan saw no reason to stop this lovely family tradition. She draws authors, politicians, activists, actresses and other empowered women that call upon us to act and overcome all obstacles and conquer all our goals. Meaghan as a freelance illustrator has shared her work through the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group and she was stunned by such positive reactions. She was surprised to realize how many people were touched by her napkin drawings. “I hadn’t realized that I as a mother, had a loud enough voice to make any sort of difference and it made me see that even the smallest acts of encouragement are worth doing,” Meaghan said. If you like to see more of these drawings check her Instagram.

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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