23 Most Favourited Lotus Nail Art Examples

The lotus flower represents purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, health, good luck and rebirth and it is respected in many different cultures specifically in Eastern religions. It grows in muddy water but has the most beautiful flower and this is very similar to human-nature. With its charming shape, lotus is a popular design used for various purposes especially as tattoo patterns and also as nail art. You can have this mystical flower to express your spiritual side or when you have a yoga class. You can either have different designs for each of your nails or only have one lotus flower on your ring finger nail. It is often combined with other mandala-like designs which complete each other perfectly. Some add a couple of rhinestones or glitters to make their lotus flower even more eye-cathcing. All in all, below we’ve collected 23 the most favourited nail art examples with lotus flower. Hope you find them inspiring.

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