Loving Big Brother Creates a Special Photo Shoot for His Little Princess Belle

The love between siblings is always something rather special and the case is no different with Anthony and Belle. Anthony is a 13-year-old boy who’s been struggling with depression for quite some time yet. However, fighting with this illness is anything but easy. Anthony had more downs than ups, but since he’s little sister, Belle, came to Earth, he’s been winning this fight. Belle is five years old now and her best friend in the whole wide world is her brother! They watch movies and cartoons together. These two are incredibly close.   This is why Anthony decided to create a photo shoot for his little sister inspired by Disney princesses.  The inspiration came from his mom who was looking for gowns on the Internet for her 7th child. It’s safe to say that the little Belle was amazed by the whole thing. Anthony danced with her like he was her prince and she felt like a proper princess. What a lovely gesture. Anthony is a true big brother!

A kiss for her prince!

Simply stunning.

Belle had the time of her life.

The two of them danced all day.

She loves her big bro!

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