Fabulous Vegan Smoothie Art by Laura Stencel

Polish Laura Stencel is 25 years old and has been vegan for 5 years. She currently lives in Iceland and she takes her inspiration from its beautiful landscape for her vegan smoothie art. “Have you ever thought of going vegan? Yes yes it sounds super crazy or for some people “extreme” but it actually is super easy! Yes it’s possible, at first it may be a little bit tricky but and the end, we are doing this for animals and for the planet soooo I think that it’s super rewarding when you think of how many animals you save just by one meatless day’s, there is actually a Calculator that counts how many animals I have saved, in my case it’s 1,825 animals, 2,007,500 gallons of water, 54,750 SQ.FT of Forest and so much more( btw never knew that there is a calculator for that until today haha) there are so many benefits to Veganism. You should give it a try at least make some little changes.” she captions one of her photos with these words. She lets her creative juices flow for making smoothie art. “Why do I make smoothie art? Because one time I had a dream that I’ve made Iceland on a smoothie and I just wanted to try it out and after that I still make them.” she explains. She uses natural food coloring such as blue spirulina, activated charcoal powder, green spirulina, etc. The colors are so vibrant and she says they have no taste at all. Her smoothie art is in one word mind-blowing! They just look like paintings in a glass. Just take a look at Laura’s fabulous vegan smoothie art, then let us know what you think using the comment box in the end.