Creamart – Latte art by Amazing Barista from Korea

Kangbin Lee is a young, talented, and inspirational man from Korea who brings latte foam art to the entirely new level of awesomeness. The magic he creates he calls the ‘Creamart’ and people are going crazy about it that his reservations are completely full at this moment. “I wanted to find amazing and delicate new flavor of coffee so I developed Creamart,” Lee wrote on his Instagram where you can see more of his work and even videos of how he created his latte replica of Van Gogh’s famous ‘The Starry Night’. Also, he does incredible dreamy picturesque scenes from our favorite Disney movies such are: Bambi, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and he can even create modern movie posters as latest Wolverine movie making the face of Logan appear on your coffee.

Kangbin Lee is the name behind these magical creations.

He calls it ‘Creamart’.

Good ol’ Moomins!

Kiss from a rose.

Your coffee is up to no good.

Watercolor kitten.

Giant Ferris wheel in a land of magic.

Snoopy and woodstock.

Incredible colors.

The Starry Night by Van Gogh.

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