20 Cozy Kitchen Designs with Wood Accent

From contemporary to traditional, kitchens can be designed in many styles and each design has its characteristic materials. There are also some inbetween materials which can be used to add a touch of warmth and softness to your dining place and wood is on the top of this list.

According to Timberwise, when planning your new wood kitchen, you can choose a wood that harmonises with the overall style of your kitchen and apply it to your floor, countertop, some of the cabinets or the ceiling of your place.

From warm gold tones like bamboo or maple to more cinnamon tones such as mahogany, redwood or earth tones such as oak, maple and walnut. The wood palette offers various tones generously thanks to mother nature. Using any of the wood shades, you can achieve a cosy kitchen vibe and recreate a fresh new look for your kitchen. Here you can see our suggestions for you.

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