Kai Ziehl Captures Splendid Monochromatic Urban Landscapes

Hamburg, Germany based Kai Ziehl is a well-known photographer especially for his black and white architectural captures. Through his lens, boring buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, train stations become allusive and attractive cityscapes that you can lose yourself while viewing. German photographer gives the city a solitary feeling despite the crowds and you can feel the solitude and find peace into the monochromatic palette, he prefers for the shots. He presents the beauty of the geometrical shapes of the building in an extraordinary angle, expressing the lines in black and white tones. In one of his interviews when asked about his inspitarion, he answers “I am searching for locations which have to offer a prosaic, demure and straight-lined structure. They have to be spacious and preferably only one moving person is visible.” Here you can see some of his alluring urban landscape photos.

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