Meet JoJo, a Trained Comfort Dog With a Beautiful Job

It’s pretty normal to feel stressed out when you’re going to the dentist. It’s a scary experience indeed! Because of that, Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook, in Illinois decided to hire a trained therapy and comfort dog, to help their patients relax during procedures. A Golden retriever named JoJo is the cutest assistant you’ll ever see. Whenever some of the patients are anxious and afraid, JoJo simply sits with them on the chair and keeps them calm during the check us or operations. When people are scared, they tend to anxiously move around during the operations, so JoJo keeps them calm and steady and that helps the dentists a lot. Every dentist’s office should have an assistant adorable as JoJo.

The whole crew.


JoJo keeps anxious patients calm during procedures.


Young patients love to pet her.


JoJo knows how to keep them calm.


She’s the important part of the team.


The little ones adore her.


She holds their hands.

via (thedodo)
via (thedodo)

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