Super Cute Easter Baking Ideas by Jenelle Losiak

It is one of the most festive time of the year and you must get ready to welcome your guests for Easter tea time. All colorful and fun treats should get their place on the table to celebrate Easter. You should have already started looking for inspiration for baking Easter cookies, cupcakes and all other sweeties in this lovely theme. Jenelle Losiak is one of the creatives we stumbled upon while hunting for impressive ideas and fell in love with her style. She describes herself as baking addict and it is clear that she is the best in the kitchen. “True story. I grew up hooked to my favourite Food Network shows inspiring me to try new recipes and experiment with some existing classics. My family was very encouraging of my hobby and the continuous supply of cookies, cakes, and candy.”, she tells her story and continues as follows; “My first job was in a bakery where I was able to develop my skill set and immerse myself in the environment to soak everything “baking” in. From practicing my cake decorating technique, to making bread from scratch, I tried it all – and loved it all! After I finished high school, I had full intentions to pursue my passion for baking and attend culinary school. But, my mom convinced me to attend business school so that down the road I could open my very own bakery (secretly securing her lifetime supply of free cakes). So, I studied and received my marketing degree and have worked in the industry ever since. After countless encouragement (and a couple demands!) from family and friends, my husband helped me take the dive and start Jenelle’s Bakery.” She is ready to cure our sweet cravings with her delicious recipes in creative shapes and themes. If you are lucky enough, you can even visit her in her lovely shop. Today, we showcase some of her super cute Easter baking ideas. Get inspired!