Instagram-Famous Bookstore Photo Series with Customers and Employees

Welcome to the most entertaining bookstore in the world! Located in Bordeaux, France, this Instagram-famous bookstore “Librairie Mollat” is known on social media for its ongoing photo series – ‘Book Face’. Sometimes that would be the only reason someone would enter Librairie Mollat, hoping they will be the next to appear on the famous Instagram page. Bored employees were searching for a fun way to spend their time when no one was in the store, and they did! Now customers are on it too, and everybody enjoys a good laugh and utter perfection of positioning while taking these photos. They almost look like they’re Photoshopped. Librairie Mollat is actually the first independent bookstore in France, opened 122 years ago. If you ever find yourself close to it, make sure to visit and get a ridiculously fun photograph with a book on your face and you will become a part of its Books Face history. Visit official Instagram account that already has over 84k of followers.

Bookstore Librairie Mollat, located in Bordeaux, France

Employees found a perfect way to have some fun when no one was around

Now customers are on it too! Together they share a laugh and these famous Instagram photos

Photo series called ‘Book Face’ are becoming viral on social media

What would Max Weber think about this social media sensation?

Such a perfect eyebrow alignment

Being a customer you choose the book cover you wanna be on!

Is he ok?

Killing it with the moustache


Some of these are just scarily perfect

What book? I see no book, just a guy sitting

I would be surprised if this guy doesn’t actually look like this without this book cover

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