An Inspiring Life Enthusiast to Follow: Chandler DeHart

We love to discover fashionistas from time to time and share their unique styles with you. Chandler DeHart is our latest Instagram finds who is very well-known by other fashion icons and has already had 107k followers. She is a recent marketing grad from Purdue University and currently lives in Atlanta Georgia with her husband. She defines herself as a life enthusiast who has a passion for photography, fashion, and creative writing. “I come from a very small farming community, and this is a very uncharacteristic background for your average avid style blogger, I have found this is a big trademark of mine.” she tells about herself on her blog. She also adds; “Beyond the bloggersphere, I am just your average self-proclaimed life enthusiast. I am a lover of all things travel, food-related, vintage, and tropical.” It is definetely clear that she knows how to wear, how to eat, drink and travel and share everything about her style through her blog and keeps her Insta-feed as a visual guide for her followers. If you like following such accounts and still haven’t discovered Chandler DeHart, add her today. Believe us, she will be your favorite source of inspiration.

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