Impressive Floral Flatlays by Alyssa Stokes

Baltimore, USA based Alyssa Stokes is a creator, mother of two little boys, art and photography teacher and nature flatlay artist. She loves nature, color, creativity, and collecting. She describes her creativity style as a way to celebrate the seasons by gathering and arranging beauty from her garden. In one of her interviews she says; “My family loves to help me forage for petals and other small natural objects on our walks. My meditations on these objects include petal squares, floral wreaths, and other designs created along side a good cup of coffee.” She uses her iPhone to capture and edit her unique floral compositions and she also enjoys playing with PS especially when she is teaching. Alyssa says; “Currently my studio is my dining room table and I use natural, diffused window light.” She crowns her cup of coffee with various flower petals and uses old book pages as a background which she took apart from one of her husband’s books a few years ago, then enjoys her coffee in this festive arrangement. Her Instagram feed is full of these lovely floral compositions and we handpicked some of them to share with you today. Never wait to see them!

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