Important Facts About Water Color Tattoos That You Should Know Before Getting One

Talking about tattoos, the first thing you will picture in your head are the ones in black and gray hues that are very traditional. It is the most common body art that came through the world since the early times. Undeniably, it is what people grew up with and are used to see.

However, with everything evolving, including art itself, a new kind of tattoo continuously earns its recognition in this modern era. If you want to get an art resembling a colorful painting patched on your skin, you must get a watercolor tattoo. The most stylistic creations made of different hues are now a trend.

Although its age in the industry is only five years, it allows more room for imagination. It is why people are becoming fond of it. Now, if you plan on getting one, understand that there are some factors you need to know. And as discussed below are the facts you need to know before deciding to get a watercolor tattoo.

What makes watercolor tattoos different from the traditional ones is the colors involved, and the techniques artists use. Most professional tattoo artists in Illinois rely on the same set of equipment most of the time. An experienced Chicago Tattoo Artist would most likely point out that these professionals undergo extensive training to achieve perfection on your flesh. The techniques done are usually the following:

Color Blending

As you know, color blending is typical in watercolor paintings and definitely, one of the most difficult to achieve. For tattoo artists, it’s even more complicated when the canvas is your flesh. They duplicate the entire process of doing it from paper to your skin. Do artists also use water? Yes, they do. It is part of the method to achieve the blending of colors.

Usually, having several hues to take care of one after the other makes this technique time-consuming. The precision also relies on the pressure they give. Lesser pressure allows the colors to sit more comfortably on your skin. And most artists avoid giving more pressure because it only makes it difficult to switch from different colors on the palette.

Outline Skipping

One fundamental foundation of tattoos is the black outlines. Tattoo experts use this as a basis for the overall outcome of the design. However, for watercolor tattoos, it is not a necessity. Artists draw on your skin without the outlines to achieve a realistic touch since most of the methods people opt for resemble three-dimensional structures.

They try their best to make the art look softer, more close to how a painting looks. Think of it as if drawing on paper. You do not need to highlight your outlines in black. Instead, you fill the inside portion with different colors. Take note that this does not mean there is a prohibition in using the shade of black. You can still use it but for an additional factor such as coloring.

Touch Up Technique

This technique is not applicable if you are a first-timer, but if you are sure of getting this tattoo, it is just right for you to understand this. Tattoo specialists perform this technique because the pigments on your skin will quickly fade compared to the traditional ones. Thus, touching up is necessary if you want to restore the vibrant hues of the design.

Touch-ups are dependent on how light or dark the original colors are in your skin. If it is lighter, they may use a darker tone such as red, blue and green, to bring the shade back. And if it is the opposite, lighter color variants are applicable. Also, you have to remember that your artist may not replicate the exact shades of color used before with this technique.

Windshield Technique

If you are thinking of a car’s windshield motions, it goes back and forth, which is the same with this method where experts use repetitive movements of coloring until they achieve your desired shade. Artists will continuously brush the equipment on their hands to your skin, gently but surely creating the depth and color textures.

This technique requires knowledge in some painting characteristics, such as blurring, shading, splashing, and color running, to give you the best outcome, similar to what you can see on watercolor paintings.

  • Pros And Cons Of Watercolor Tattoos

The advantages and disadvantages of this type are among the things you should remember. Before coming to your decision, you can opt to weigh if the pros outweigh the cons. This way, you will not regret inking your skin for a lifetime. Most probably, you are wondering what positive gains you may get, below are some:

  • With a magnificent design, it is eye-catching.
  • There is a wide range of colors ready for you.
  • There is no limitation on the design. Your imagination is the limit.
  • You can guarantee uniqueness. There are no two works recorded alike.
  • It gives you freedom of choice.

What about its cons? There are indeed disadvantages, and you may prepare for it beforehand. Also, knowing the opposite side allows you to have room to rethink your decision and be ready to face the consequences. Listed below are some of the things you need to understand:

  • Many tattoo specialists believe that watercolor tattoo does not last for a long-time.
  • Since there are no outlines, the possibility of bleeding is higher.
  • The design could lose its shape and deform after quite some time.
  • Touch-ups can change how your tattoo looks.

With the factors above, you must take time to consider if you want this tattoo. The maintenance may be expensive. But, it delivers incredible art to your body which could symbolize anything you want. Nevertheless, the ultimate decision will be coming from you.

  • Different Designs You May Want To Try

You are free to choose whatever style you want to put on your skin. If you are new to watercolor tattoos and have no idea what tattoo design you could use, here are some of the recommended ones that people love the most. Some of these are proven designs that cater to different audiences.


A butterfly is one of the most significant symbols in the industry of tattoo. It’s common and popular due to its versatility to fit in any body area. Plus, its colorful glow attracts people. It signifies honor, beauty, and luck.


Women of all ages admire the beauty of flowers. The shades used in this design are close to nature. There are different species of flowers, but people prefer to use the ones with meanings behind them. Such as camellias for strength and passion.

Phases Of The Moon

A tattoo that symbolizes represents life and the changes it undergoes. If you are a sentimental person, this kind of tattoo works best for you. It will constantly remind you to accept change.

Tree Of Life

The tree of life has a lot of history and is sacred to many. Depending on the culture you belong to, it stands for different meanings. Generally, it represents knowledge, protection, forgiveness, and eternal life.

Phrases And Words

When you cannot think of a drawing, you can try to look for words that best suit you. People often rely on Latin phrases close to their heart, such as the famous “carpe diem.” Choose something that you can relate to every day.

Paintings And Artworks

If you are a fan of Vincent Van Gogh or love art the way it is, then you can have a replica of the painting on your skin. The most recognized ones are “Starry Night” and “The Scream.” More so, if you are fond of artworks based on books and movies, you can also have them.


If you want to keep an image of a pet, a family member, a person you look up to, a character, it could be anything or anyone. You could do so. It serves as memorabilia, a remembrance of something dear to you.

  • How To Keep The Tattoo From Fading

The answer to this question includes things you need to follow strictly to avoid early fading. To ensure that your watercolor tattoo lasts, you need its maintenance and adequately take good care of it. How will you do it? Below are some tips you can follow.

  • Avoid the sun’s heat and light.
  • Clean your skin regularly.
  • Prevent yourself from rubbing the tattoo.
  • Keep your skin moisturized.
  • Retouch it as frequently as possible.
  • If there is scabbing, do not touch it.
  • Do not soak the tattoo unless it healed completely.
  • Just after getting the tattoo, avoid wearing tight clothes and going to crowded places.

Following the tips could prolong the tattoo on your skin. However, you must note that the best advice is still letting a professional artist ink your skin. With this, you ensure quality. Do not dare to have a tattoo from someone who is not even in the industry. It may cause adverse effects such as skin infections.

Overall, getting a watercolor tattoo is fun and well-appreciated by many people. It is a trend that brings out creativity. At this point, you learn the facts needed for you to decide whether or not you should get one. Whatever you plan on doing, choose the more comfortable option and bring the better benefits to you as an individual.