Imaginative Tiny Illustrations by Manka Kasha

Russian artist Manka Kasha is a full time teacher and part-time illusrtrator who has an extraordinarily imaginative mind. To her, she draws silly pictures, tiny city-scapes and a lot of galaxies, but for us and her followers, she creates impressive little stories using watercolor. She has a unique perspective and she is highly inspired by nature and child world. Her works can be classified in themes such as Christmas, parties or the LGBTI universe. She also draws her self-portraits in a very detailed style and showcases them via her personal account. You can find her watercolor illustrations on t-shirts, cases and more at her online store on RedBubble platform. Wanna see her work? We are sure, you will be amazed by Manka’s imagination. Remember to follow her on Instagram, where she generally shares a drawing a day and has already had 52k followers.

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