Imaginative Fine Art Portraits by Ezgi Polat

Born and based in Berlin, Germany, Ezgi Polat studied photography at New School of Photography Berlin in 2014. She started to work as a freelance photographer after she graduated. Since then she takes pictures on claim for various international clients. We can understand from her portraits that she loves playing with light and dark especially for black and white portraits. She also has some sophisticated portraits that she adds a touch of dream-like, fantasy elements. She uses surprising items such as orange slices floating in bathtube among with fresh flowers or a butterfly settled on the head of the model, etc. to compose surreal images. Ezgi Polat not only captures female models but she also creates exceptional portraits with male models. If you are interested in this kind of photography, Ezgi Polat’s portfolio will surely excite your interest. Just scroll down and feed your artistic side with her imaginative fine art portraits.

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