Imaginative Czech Mom Recreates Pin-up Girl Looks

While discovering new fashionistas on Instagram, we came upon this amazing pin-up girl, Babette van Bohemen, from Czech Republic. She is a mom of a baby boy and has her own business with handmade hair flowers & corsages and resin accessories. Highly inspired by 1940s retro style, she creates extraordinarily amazing looks with both her own handmade clothes and store-bought pieces. She has always been artistic and admires good photography and posts the best looks of herself with an interesting caption reflecting her daily routine and thoughts on life. Besides combining clothes, you can see her play with her baby boy in nature joyfully. “It’s wonderful that with children you can rediscover the moments of your own childhood as throwing out the leafs or reading the books you read when you were a child or watching with them the same cartoons or play with things you liked. Of course you can do it without having a child as well but with them it’s much joyful and honestly adult life often doesn’t offer much time to do all the things you liked when you was a child yourself. Having a child brings me back my own childhood and it really makes me happy.” she captioned one of her photos. You know eyeliner and red lipstick is one of the musts of a pinup girl and that makeup looks wonderful on her. “Eyeliner and red lipstick, is it a warpaint or a meditation? I’ve loved makeup ever since I was a teenager, I tried all the time how to apply it and it’s a meditation for me. However it makes me more confident and sometimes I feel more fierce with a good makeup, so it’s kinda my warpaint too.” Nowadays, she recreates old pinup posters which we think is a fantastic project and we’ll surely follow up her new recreations.