Bridal Designer Turns Dreams Into Magical Dresses

Madeline Gardner works as a designer and creative director for Morilee brand. With her striking artistic vision and more than 25-years experience, she designs amazing wedding dresses and makes millions of brides’ dreams come true all around the world. In each of Madeline Gardner’s dresses you will notice an emphasis on the elaborate beaded details and her use of rich and sumptuous fabrics. She recognizes the importance of making sure her dresses are timeless while staying up with the most contemporary trends and styles. Knowing that the fit is everything, all of her dresses feel custom tailored, a perfect match to make you feel as good as you look. As stated on their blog; “Madeline loves every second of the work she does to make women of all ages feel beautiful on their special day, and she cherishes the constant flow of notes and photos she receives from blushing new brides gushing with gratitude. Characteristic of her dresses is the generous use of rich fabrics, the meticulously detailed beadwork, the innovative partnering of traditional styling with more fashion forward influences. She is known for her obsession with perfect fit, believing that how a dress makes you feel is as important as how it makes you look.” She keeps turning heads with her luscious wedding dresses at millions of weddings throughout the world. To the lucky brides who get to wear these gorgeous works of art, Madeline Gardner is much more than a magician. She’s a fairy godmother making dreams come true. You can browse some of the best pieces of her collection below and let us know whether if your dream dress is among them or not.