If He Likes Me Why is He Still Dating Online?

Online dating helps you meet with people from distant places and form a romantic relationship with them in quick time. However, things can be on the contrary if you make an error in judging the actions and words of your distant partner. This applies to both men and women alike.

Women are more possessive by nature in comparison to men. Among other things, they generally look for a date who would stick to a relationship. If a woman finds that a guy she’s dating is unusually active on a dating site, she starts getting a little inquisitive. Out of all the possible questions, the common one which crosses her mind is, “If he likes me why is he still dating online”?

Being active on a dating site is a natural thing for two partners unless they meet each other somewhere at some point in time. If despite meeting you and spending considerable length of time with you, your man is active on a dating website, wondering “Why the guy I’m dating still on dating site?” is a natural thing on your part.

In fact, there are a number of other women who ask questions such questions. While there may not be a straightforward answer to this question, the general reason for this change could be that he’s not as serious or committed to the relationship as you are. There can also be a number of other factors that you need to consider before coming to a conclusion.

1. He does not consider this a ‘relationship’ yet
Judging all men from the same lens can be a myopic view. On the surface, it may seem like a man is into you. Yes, he may like you but if you assume that’s enough for him to consider you as someone whom he can enter an alliance with, you may be in for a surprise. He has his own definition of relationship and it may be different from yours.
Most women fail to realize this instinct of men and as a result, commit an error of judgment. You would be better served if you held the horses of reason and allowed him to take the first step towards you in your relationship.

2. You Aren’t “The One” For Him

Both men and women tend to spend quality time with people they like. This is natural; your man may be seeking a better match while assuming you to be the “place holder”. Keep your eyes and ears open to find it out. You may want to know how to tell if a guy likes you.
The road ahead of you can be bumpy if you discover him dating other women on popular dating sites. There is nothing good or bad about it, though. He could be doing this just to find a better match out of the lack of certainty that you are “The One” for him.

3. He Doesn’t Want Monogamy

There is no dearth of committed men in the world. Then again, there are also those who prefer to be monogamous. That’s just the instinct of those men who like to play by their own rules. They’re picky and tend to choose their pick after careful consideration. Find out if he belongs to the category of long-term players. Perhaps, he could be one among them.

4. He forgot to close his account

The story of dating on a dating site, begins with the creation of an account and ends with its closure. Things might have begun for him in the same way: he created the account and started using it; he interacted with women whom he liked and then on one fine day, he vanished suddenly.

Well, there can be several reasons for it but that’s the secondary thing. What’s bothering you more is that he hasn’t closed his account yet. He’s chosen to abandon it instead. Nope, it may not be intentional; it could have simply popped out of his head.

5. Talk about it with him
“Do you wonder, “Is he into you”?” If you are not able to find a simple answer to this question, let him answer it for you. Do not hesitate to speak to him about this. Speak your heart out at once; let him know it’s bothering you. Also, do not take his statements negatively. After all, knowing where things are going wrong is hands down a better option than living under the severe strain of a troubled relationship.

Worried that you may offend him by asking this question? Don’t worry. Even as it leads to a separation, you would come to know the reason why it happened. If you were at fault, this would help you become a better person. If it’s his fault, you can count it as good riddance and move on. That’s not the end of the road for you; there could be someone even better than your previous date waiting in the wings.

Final Thoughts

Wondering why is he still into online dating? It can be a difficult question if you try to answer it from the what appears on the surface. There are certain things which, if taken into consideration, can underscore the potential causes of such an unusual pattern of your man with whom you are in a relationship. It could be due to any one out of the aforementioned factors.

Do not jump into a conclusion in quicktime. Instead take your time and think along these lines to get the right answer to your question. If you are not sure how to go about it, consider approaching a relationship counselor for helpful advice or suggestion.

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