Hyper-Realism Tattoos Transform Photographs into Miniature Ink Art by Edit Paints

Edit Paints is a specialized tattooer in miniature hyper-realism. As seen below her work is utterly outstanding, replicating black and white photographs like a scanner and inking it down on human skin. Artist acquired a bachelor’s degree in Art and Art History. ‘Clear sense of reality’ within highly detailed miniature realism tattoos guided by the inhuman perfection of Edit’s hand. She finds inspiration in literature, cinema, and Victorian-era art. Well-deserved awards and international recognition glorifies her talents fittingly. Tattooer works in Gida Tattoo Studio and Gallery founded in 2013. Now the studio leads as best in Tel Aviv showcasing professionalism and diverse styles.


Tattooer is specilized in miniature hyper-realism

‘Clear sense of reality’ within the inhuman perfection of Edit’s hand

Ink artist works at Gida Tattoo Studio and Gallery

‘Gida’ leads as the beast of Tel Aviv through professionalism and diverse styles

Flexing in front of the mirror

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