How to Throw a Great Co-ed Baby Shower

While baby showers are traditionally for celebrating moms-to-be, a couple’s baby shower can be a great way for both the expectant parents to join in the fun. After all, they might not have much time for socializing after their little one is born. If you’re throwing a shower for friends and want to go to the co-ed route, here are a few things to think about first:

Ask before you do anything.

Before going ahead with planning a co-ed shower, you should ask the mom-to-be if she’s okay with it, and if she says yes, ask the dad-to-be if he’d like to be there. Just because you think it’s a great idea doesn’t mean they will! Once they agree, make sure you keep the dad-to-be involved in the planning of the party and ask for his input for the invite list. If you’re going to invite him, it has to be his party, too.

Get yourself a co-host.

If you’ve never thrown a co-ed shower and aren’t sure how best to involve the men in the day’s activities, ask one of the dad-to-be’s friends to co-host with you. This can help get the guys on-side, and help you keep the party decorations and activities inclusive of the male, as well as female guests. If they have already had their own baby, even better!

Your co-host will also help you create a gift list that everyone can use. Try for great ideas.

Choose a theme that appeals.

If you’re planning a party for both expecting parents, you need to make sure your decorations, invitations, and other things appeal to both genders. The word ‘baby shower’ conjures up a particular set of images, so keeping your invites and theme gender-neutral can help both parents feel equally considered. A barbecue could work! You could also change the wording of your invitation to help the guys feel involved – perhaps by using the word ‘party’ instead of ‘shower’ or by making it explicit that this is an event for both parents and friends and family of both genders.

Reconsider traditional games.

Traditional baby shower games may send the guys running, so be sure to avoid any activities or games that alienate them. Try diaper decorating, a diaper relay race, or the classic shower game where everyone brings a baby photo of themselves for a game of ‘guess who.’ The guys may also be up for a round of ‘guess the baby food,’ where you ask guests to guess the flavor of an unmarked jar of baby food.

Be food-focused.

Rather than games and activities, you might want to throw a party that’s more focused on great food and drink as this is easy to make appealing to everyone. Offer a good mix of party food and hearty stuff, and sweet items and savory. That way, your bases are completely covered.

Favor everyone.

If you’re sending your guests home with a party favor, make sure these are also gender-neutral. Try a food item, a mix CD, or vouchers. Also, a personal touch is always a great idea!

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