How to Relax and Get More Inspiration Easily

Stressing out will help you improve your ability to make decisions, increase your concentration, increase your creativity, and most importantly, it will help you enjoy your day.

Daily life presents challenges: the pressure of deadlines, a mountain of emails to review and the relentless search for new ideas have become obviously difficult situations. The irony is that the more pressured we feel, the more difficult it is to be productive.

Stress is a natural response of the human being that comes from a difficult situation or demands that we make to ourselves. Sometimes stress is good, it drives us to do things and live with purpose. However, if you experience too much stress and for a long time, the effects on your health can be negative.

Follow Your Natural Rhythm

Our physical, mental and emotional systems need to refresh every hour and a half. Otherwise, the body will manifest its stress through lethargy, irritability or hunger. If you press yourself, your brain’s “flight” response will keep you on to continue fighting. That is very good for emergencies. But over time you will feel exhausted and will not be so able to think clearly or creatively.

Taking regular breaks to move your body will significantly decrease your stress levels. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or time consuming. Just walking five minutes or so around, whether it’s near the office, or taking a short walk outside, it can help you press your reset button and reduce the pressure that has been building up. Sometimes, that button is a cup of coffee; the one that you have all by yourself in the morning. Take a look here and find the best option

Plan a “walking meeting”

For those moments when you can’t seem to get away from your desk, we suggest stretching. Many workplaces offer stretching suggestions to decrease stiffness and increase comfort at the desk, and stretching is also an excellent way to release tension in the body and mind.

You could even do something even better and have a walking meeting, the perfect solution for a busy day. With a walking meeting, instead of sitting in a meeting room, you can walk with the other person and at the same time that they carry out the meeting.

Ignore Your Alerts

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we have too many things to do. Many of us find ourselves going from one task to another, and with the feeling that we never really finish anything, which can lead to high levels of stress. While you focus on an individual task, don’t let yourself get distracted or worry about the other things you have to work on.

Accept that at that time, the best thing you can do is give your full attention to the task you are doing to complete it. And when you’ve completed it, no matter how small, cross it off the list or mark it as finished. Crossing out things from your list may remind you that you are achieving things and lower your stress levels significantly.

Find Things to Smile and Laugh About

It is equally important to maintain a subtle and pleasant attitude at work. Although it may seem simple, smiling is an instant way to reduce stress.

Maintaining strong ties with your work team and a sense of fun with your colleagues is a great way to increase levels of happiness at work. A funny joke or YouTube video can make a big difference in your mood, and a little laugh really has a good effect.

Slow Down and Breathe Deeply

The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace are well documented. But if you don’t have a space to take your cushion and meditate in the office, there are simple techniques that you can apply. When you feel stressed, breathing gently, slowly and slightly deeper can calm your mind and quickly reduce your stress level.

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