How to Make an Ideal Wedding Proposal More Romantic?

So many dates down the line, now you are sure and ready to take things a notch higher. The day you pop that question is most probably one of the most important days of your relationship. It’s therefore important that you make it a day to remember. To most guys, planning and preparing an impressive proposal may be a no-brainer, however to the rest of us, it’s a daunting task. There’s too much at stake given the fact that it matters the answer be yes. In this article, it’ll all be about making it a day worth remembering. Here are four ways to make an ideal wedding proposal more romantic.

1. It’s All About the Ring

The answer being yes, it’s expected of you to show up with a ring. Not just any ring, the kind that speaks to the heart, it’s much, more than the carats it weighs. There are other ways of improving a rings value. For instance, a custom engagement ring will speak volumes of your intentions towards the person you want to be in the relationship with. So in this case, let the ring work for you.

2. Keep it Simple

It’s about time to be creative. You really don’t have to go all in, all you need are sound ideas to get you going. For instance, if this is a person whom you are sharing the same house with, the refrigerator magnetic alphabets can be used to ask the question, something not permanent on the bedroom ceiling, or using the lipstick on the bathroom mirror. You may only have one chance, so make it count. All you have to do is be simple, sweet, and mindful of their interests.

3. Involve the Family

This may be for support, ideas, or for the fact that you want him/her to feel the warmth of your family ties. They don’t have to be with you the whole time, just arrange for them to pop out somewhere right after she says yes. They can soon after leave the two of you to have your alone time or anything else that you plan for the both of you. As a matter of fact, involving your family and friends to share in your joy is important.

4. You Want Proof

Years later, you’ll want something to show for it. Ensure that there are pictures to prove to your grandchildren that you did actually propose. It may not be for this reason, but it’s good to have something that reminds you of that day other than the ring. Pictures are great memory banks. It is, therefore, important to have a photographer on standby taking all the memorable moments you’d want to be taken. You may use a friend who’s ok with the camera instead of hiring one, or even a family member for the same matter. But to avoid some mistakes non-pros make, like for instance carry a half charged battery, hire a professional photographer for the day.

While you want to make it a special day, weather happens. Take note of these important aspects. Sometimes it pays to choose an indoor venue. This way, no matter what happens, both you and your spouse and everyone else whether invited or not is out of nature’s harm’s way.

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