How to Make a Stylish Impression on a First Date

Credit: Wiktor Karkocha

With everything else going through your mind prior to a first date, if you’re comfortable in the outfit you’re wearing then that’s one less thing to worry about. Whether you’re meeting at an intimate bar in London or speed dating in Birmingham, you’ll want to make a good first impression. And the clothes you decide to turn up in can make the difference.

However, dressing to impress doesn’t mean going out of your comfort zone. In fact, being happy in your outfit is a big part of a successful date. For both men and women, there might be a tendency to hit the high street for a completely new ensemble but you shouldn’t feel obliged to step outside your well-worn wardrobe. After all, it’s here where you’ll find your comfort zone, and many of the items of clothing that are part of you and part of your personality.

That’s so important: be yourself. If you turn up to a first date with a new pair of shoes that are rubbing at your heels all night, you’re not going to relax. To make a stylish first impression, you’ve got to remember your fashion sense is an extension of who you are. Stick to old favourites that make you feel good.

Then it comes down to where you’re going. Is it a swanky upscale restaurant for two, a double date with pals at the bowling alley, or a speed date at a trendy wine bar? You don’t want to be putting on that cocktail dress or tailored suit for a trip to the local pub. So dress depending on the venue.

Male or female, consider neutral colours that complement each other. Figure-hugging jeans with a tieless shirt or blouse would work nicely for most occasions. Women should pair with some comfortable heels and decide between bold lipstick or distinct eyes. Men should complement jeans with some clean, polished brogues or box-fresh white trainers, or, for a smarter look, colour-matched shoes and belt.

Style, of course, begins from the top. If guys haven’t had a trim in a while and girls haven’t considered how their roots are looking, you’re already losing the battle. While you might want to keep your dress-sense casual, being smart up top is important.

For women, natural make-up works the best; you wouldn’t want to present yourself as having something to hide. Likewise, for men, leave the sunglasses and hats at home. Jewellery is welcome but keep it to a minimum; a smart watch for men, a chunky, statement neckless for women.

Don’t let first impressions let you down on a first date. Likewise, stay stylish but remember who you are. Your outfit is an extension of who you are. There’s no need to hide it

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