How to Look Like a Million Buck without spending it

The festive season is well and truly over which means not only are we in the swing of the new year, keeping to our new year’s resolution of a happier, healthier way of living, we are also living on a very tight budget mostly due to our excessive spending during the wake of Christmas. But with the welcome of the new year comes new expenses, the ones we know about and the ones we don’t. And yes, we will admit that now that we’re back at work and into swing of things we spend a critical part of our ‘work’ days browsing Facebook and our beloved bookmarked sites for pretty much anything and everything style related. This can be very dangerous to our wallets – especially since they are pretty much filled with nothing but dust since the holidays and it’s really hard for us to not get carried away. But the reel-life Bradshaw taught us that you can be broke and still look fabulous – and we are here to tell you that it is possible because genuine style doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It is all about finding the right items to look a million bucks without spending it.

Get Thrifty
Get thrifting, this isn’t just an idea introduced by Hipsters and Macklemore but has been a longtime fashion favorite for all fashion individuals on a budget. The art of thrifting is not only exhilarating as you hunt for hidden gems – long abandoned by their original owner, looking for a new home and stylish new caregiver but it’s also super rewarding. Especially when you get your hands-on piece you’ll simply die without having. Now it’s not just the chase we love about thrifting it’s also the reduced price – which is generally less than half of what the price is in the stores. Its retro look and feel will ensure there is no doppelgangers of your outfit at any party or
event anywhere other than in the past.

Leave the Credit Card at Home

Leaving your credit card at home takes away the high possibility of impulse buying and forces you to do a once over of the store, so you don’t make any irrational decisions or suddenly suffer from any buyer’s remorse. However, if there is something that you really love you can always ask the store assistant to put the item on hold or spend your rent money on it. Either way you’re one step closer to avoiding debt without your credit card.

It’s simple really, along with your drink mix and party favor every girl – or guy brings a bag of clothing items, accessories or shoes which they wish to swap, maybe you can’t get let go of it to donate just yet or maybe it’s still fairly new and it’s too soon to rework your crafty magic on it yet. The swap is the ultimate way to get a stylish wardrobe injection at the low cost of your own clothes – which you don’t wear. Every swapper can swap at their own discretion obviously – but this is the perfect way to keep that Gucci blazer living on forever. It’s like the journey of the travelling pants except for anything and everything you’re willing to trade.

Commit to Scouring Sales
One thing every good shopaholic knows is a good sale, if you like to think of yourself as a shopaholic but aren’t familiar with any of the sales then you need to check yourself RN. Yes, sale shopping takes a lot of groundwork, involves a lot of frustration, commitment and determination but it’s totally worth it when you’ve hunted all day and manage to find not only the perfect piece but the perfect piece in your size. It’s so much more rewarding sale shopping and it gives you a total sense of accomplishment.

So, no matter where you sit in the new months of the year, no matter how big your bank account or how well you’ve managed to stick to your resolutions there is always a way to get that perfect back to school look without spending your salary before your first day is even over. Fashion is personal, its whatever you want it to be so don’t be afraid to mix and match, thrift and bargain because the best looks are the ones that make you feel the most confident.

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