How to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy and Enthusiastic

Whether you choose friends, family members or a combination of both to stand by your side at the altar, its important to show them the same amount of respect and love they’re showing you by being there. Your bridesmaids are some of your nearest and dearest, so it can be easy to lose your cool in front of them in the midst of all the stressful wedding planning.

Things can get so intense in the months and days leading up to the ceremony that relationships between those closest to you can be broken, which is the last thing you’d want. Read on to learn some easy ways to keep your bridesmaids happy and enthusiastic, so you can all look back on this special day with a smile.

Choose Your Besties
Don’t take someone to be a bridesmaid just because they asked if they could be one. Your bridesmaids should be women you’re very close with and who know you well. After all, by committing to being a bridesmaid, these women are committing to being by your side throughout the entire planning process and ceremony. It’s imperative that you choose friends or family members you can trust and count on.

Make Introductions
If your bridesmaids don’t know one another or if you all live in different places, it’s really helpful to make introductions and connect everyone through email, social media or a messaging app. This will get everyone familiar with one another and can help build strong bonds.

Be Thoughtful with the Dress
Going through wedding dresses is tough, but choosing bridesmaid dresses might be even tougher. It can be difficult to find one particular dress that suits every woman in your wedding party. If your bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes, it can be really comforting to choose the fabric and color and let each woman choose her own style and cut. Going this route can also take a load off your shoulders as well.

Don’t Make Outlandish Requests
Keep in mind that although your bridesmaids are committed to helping you throughout the wedding process, they still have their own lives. You should be mindful not to make too many requests or request things that are simply outlandish, such as making drastic changes to their physical appearance or turning them into your personal assistants.

Be Considerate with Money
Another important thing to remember is that it does cost money to be a bridesmaid. Br considerate of your besties’ bank accounts as you’re making plans for your wedding and the days leading up to it. For example, if you want to have a destination bachelorette party, but you feel that someone in your party might not be able to afford to get there, consider meeting in the middle and try to set something equally exciting up a bit closer to home.

Be Organized
It’s common for bridesmaids to not be totally sure what they should be doing. It’s your duty to avoid unnecessary confusion and potential arguments by setting expectations, duties and schedules from the beginning. Make sure everyone is clear and on the same page so you can all work together stress-free.

Follow the tips above for a group of happy gals who are ready to help you celebrate your big day. And don’t forget the two little words that go a long way, ‘thank you’. Feel free to use them generously.

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